Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm On The Radio!!!!

That's right I'm taking my blog to the radio's the only update I have now and it's real in the field!!!! It goes down EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 6-9pm Cutthouse Radio you can call up too 866-935-6968
~Cherry's Kid aka Fergie!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am a diaster waiting to happen...The Barber's birthday was this past weekend and we watched the fight at his shop...all his boys, customers, the hairdressers, and myself...Ps. the baby is his ... they had the paternity test ... I haven't had any relations with him we were just hanging out as friends which is cool... the random chick on the side is gone too...maybe because of the baby, by the way that was her car he was driving his car is out of the shop...

Either way, met a great business connect but damn do I want to holla at him ... lol... sexy as hell...eitherway, I made him come to shop...such a diaster but nothing happened no one knew who he was or way I was sitting in the car talking to him... Did anyone bet on he fight...did you loose

Went to the 40/40 after the fight went off with the entire shop staff, the Barber, and some other dudes...It was cool..afterwards I was drunk as hell...he didn't make sure I got home he left his boy, my friend's man, to make sure I got home...which he did but really dude you couldn't make sure I got home safely?

The next day I was sick to my stomach cause I had a salami sandwich when I got home with my drunk ass...sick as hell the next day...still flirting with my business contact...shit still flirting till today with the business contact...He said can't mix business with pleasure but is so leaving the door open for us to do so, so why not tempt the idea?

Starting my second job my first job I'm off cause it's a state holiday but my second job I start today at the hospital...doing clinical social happy with life now...still moving away though once I stack my money correctly...

So sad to hear the follow up to The Coldest Winter Ever is wack!!! Does that mean any movie will also be wack? UPS giving free yoga classes to their employees ... damn I need to be int he line of work for free fitness classes...LOL... I'm a mess...going to work...going to finish flirting with the business Met a detective who is so crute (aka cute)!!!! Baby face guy...mmmmm tempting ... I got to get my love life or my roster together...I'm slipping!!!!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Something Real Big In The Works.....

I always end up talking about my relationship life in my posts because my professional life...well I don't need to express much see and this week I got a second job at a local hospital and I got my professional therapy license. Not to toot my own horn but I am only 25 and I've gained all of this! I'm quite proud of myself...*bowing, bowing, curtsy*.

Okay, enough of that but really this is what I am excited about...I just got a really big offer that I couldn't pass up. Now it won't be a new job but it will give me a great opportunity to voice my opinions Monday thru Friday but I need a format...I have to develop something...This isn't something I sought out it was something that was dropped in my lap...and I'm going to take it...I'll give more details later...

So I got all caught up in the election and forgot to talk about Mexico...It was okay..the cruise ship was kind of bootleg...Carnival was like traveling on a big cafeteria...I was so mad and the food was not what I had expected...I was so mad about the food!!! I was looking forward to a smorgishborg of food and I got a midnight pizza bar only where Pizza Hut had better pizza are you serious? Okay so besides that we went to Key West first and I got 4 Coach bags on a 70% sale out of the Coach Warehouse Store ... OMG!!!! And I only spent $150 on all bags and I'm talking big bags!!! Then we were supposed to be in Mexico for 12 noon the next day but some damn white man fell on the ship and broke his arm so we had to turn around so he could be air lifted back home...We got to Mexico at 4pm and left at 12am..We went shopping there a little bit then we ate...My aunt refused to eat any Mexican food she was so anxious to get back on the ship and eat there...I think because she was fearful of the whole Mexican water thing...but we were in a tourist spot like real tourist they weren't selling anything in pesos which I wanted them to cause 12 pesos = $1...I felt rich with my 2500 pesos in my pocket!!! LOL...We get back on the ship...go to the Halloween Party...I get drunk start talking to my sister-in-law...and this young boy tries to holla and when I say young I mean like 17 years I tell him no R. Kelly over here homeboy...but I explain to my sister-in-law that my brother, local football coach, had to stop his students from trying to holla at me one time when I went to the locker room to get some money cause I was hungry...She gets mad saying my brother doesn't give money out to anyone but he gave me money and that's crazy etc, etc, and she's going to check when we get now I feel uncomfortable because I started an argument between my brother and his wife...then on the last day it rains all day, my mom starts her OCD stuff again...with rushing us off the boat to the airport where we had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the plane...I felt like crap because it felt like I was still moving with the ship even though I was on land...And then finally that night when I get sister-in-law calls me and says when did my husband give you that money...meaning they were arguing then and I said 2 years ago I think cause that's really when it was...her only answer was oh...ok bye. Really? Really?

Next time I'm vacationing with my friends and not my family!!!!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Personal is Political

I've never been so political... there are some things I just don't talk about politics, money, and religion but I AM POLITICAL...In college if you met me you would have thought I was a New Wave Feminist...I so believe the personal is political...meaning my personal life my personal being is political...I believe in the way of life in Cuba...with all my heart I do...I passed up a chance to illegally visit there but I won't next summer....I'm going...

In college I was depressed...I was so depressed... I'm from New Jersey and I'm not sure if you noticed last night or not but we are a blue state...I went to college at the University of Florida in the middle of no where Florida...and things have changed slightly the kids there aren't like they were when I was there but I was there when Bush stole both elections...I was in line for 2 hours both times when it came to vote...I staged marches, sit-ins, and shit was just fucked up in Florida...I mean really look at the movie School Dazes to see a dramatic representation of what it was like to go to school at Florida... The locals hated us...they thought the African-Americans there were stuck up ... I mean it was a challenge...going to classes and being the only black person in your class....then no one talking to you until midterms because they looked over your shoulder and saw you had an now its can I borrow your notes or study with you? Do you know how long it takes from the start of a class to midterms? I know 6 weeks! I hated that school my freshmen year and contemplated transferring on several occasions but my mother said stick it will make it...this is a tough learning lesson you need to know about life ... You need to know that racism is still alive...and never more did I feel that when I started my political life ... when I began staging the political processes at UF...when we ran the secret talks of getting the 4th ever Black Student Body President Elected at UF in the living room of my college apartment...and when I left school and was the only Black Woman at work and every time I changed my weave I got questioned...and when I came to an office with more Black People who seemed to take everything personal and not realize that its not personal its institutional, its racism!

And then last night God...God gave me the gracious honor to see the first African-American President to be elected by the people, by an overwhelming amount, by those who like me...woke up yesterday at 5:30am to make sure that their vote counted...I started to photo journal what happened but I couldn't the lines were so long...yes lines cause I waited in 3 different lines to vote and I still made it out in an hour or so....This is becoming a disjointed post but...Thank you America for the FIRST BABY STEPS IN YEARS TOWARDS RACIAL EQUALITY...I'm not saying the first steps ... I'm staying the first steps in years...

I became I Social Worker for one reason only...I wanted to change the world after I graduated college and adapted the Feminist Doctrines that I learned at UF to my life...I was originally going to be a teacher but when I got to the schools and noticed that my students had more important shit on their minds such as heat, gas, electricity, parents on drugs, their own children, their siblings, rent...I said kids at schools don't need Teachers as bad as they need Social Workers...Workers for a Social Change...I am being political now...when I call on all of you to remember now that we made it to another threshold let's not forget those who can not make it as far as we have because they don't have Workers for a Social Change...we must all be in our individual lives in some way...Workers for a Social Change...

Although Obama is not fully immersed in Hip Hop...Hip Hop has adopted him and the best display of that is through Joell Ortiz...Letter to Obama...
~Cherry's Kid

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Silent....and so is my phone....

2 days til the cruise...and the list of reasons I had before has become the worst list ever1!!! Diva [my big sister in my head] and Eb [my cool cousin in my head] both told me to leave The Barber alone and I came to the conclusion a couple of weeks ago that they were right... Well I came to the conclusion when I went out of town for a few days. Before I left he was all up some other chicks ass so I igged him [ignored him]! He continued to be pissy...I mean come on dude you're in the same place as me with another chick and you're ignoring me because of what? We're not exclusive...why are you so I kept it moving...but when I came back it was like baby baby please...Nig-ro please?!?

He is harassing me...The Barber...he won't go away...I have an item of his that I sent off to get fixed and it's not ready yet I've been calling the company to get it back so I can just give it to him so that I don't have to deal with him anymore but he is calling crazy...I mean calling me at 5am...My phone is silent...I am silent...I am saving the texts and the next step is to press charges because I just want to be left alone...I even gave him the company number so he can harass them...

On top of all of that, I got to work yesterday and they gave me a new case...I work on a caseload so you're on a constant rotation, I go on vacation on Wednesday...I got a case yesterday...and what am I supposed to do between Monday and Tuesday and still update all of my cases? Really? I am now Superhuman? LOL!!! My boss is challenged...mentally...

I'm not even packed for hair is fucked up...I'm stressed out and I think I'm about to get my period and I'm going on vacation...this is some bullshit!!!! The only good thing is that all my bills are paid...I will get paid while on vacation...and I've never been on a cruise before...smiles!!! Happy Tuesday and for those in the Northeast it's raining but at least we can see the rain today!!!!

Update...yes 3 minutes later...The Barber is mad that I'm ignoring him and has asked that I never call him again...Thanks!!! I'm so happy ... Goodbye Asshole!!!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've Lost It

Recently I've been thinking about my ex that I lived with. I thought how I fucked I left a relationship...althought it was skewed I left it for what? Because I don't have peace of mind or happiness outside of it now? It's been a whole year and I contacted him and we spoke and then he blocked my number. I mean we spoke and we talked about us and things sounded okay and then he blocked my number. I thought it was sad and funny at the same time.

Yesterday I heard a statement made on the radio about relationships and young people it said: It is the most beautiful worst decision you can make. Because young people don't understand how you can love someone and hate them at the same time. And in order to have that grandparents love, staying together for 40, 50, 60 years; you have to be able to work on it. You have to know that there will be rough patches that last longer than a couple of months.

That's when I thought back to myself...he asked me to change several times and I did immediately but I asked him to change some things and he just did got to the point where we were arguing all of the time, not having sex, and being resentful and stuff to one another. I wonder if we would have heard this statement earlier we would have understood each other soon. I mean, really I thought he would never change, don't ask me if he changed now because guess what he blocked my number...oh damn!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can I Be Your Sugar Momma

I rarely talk about my friends but as I listen to myself talk to others about my college experience I realize that we did some crazy as shit...And as I woke up this to the Barber I thought about his female friend and the stupid that happened in college...

I have a friend and we'll call her...Bianca...Well in college Bianca dated a football player we'll call Andre and they dated all of colleged and even after college. But the shit he put her thru was just crazy as hell. Everytime you turned around Andre had these female friends and other women and I mean Bianca was crazy as hell. That's my girl but that bitch [in the fondest terms] is crazy as hell!!!

One night junior year...I had my own place with my roommate the Mexican...that's a total different post...Our place was cool but right before we moved in together I would always be at the Mexican's house. Well Bianca, the Mexican, and I were the best of girlfriends. We talked about everything and it was no secret that Andre was a mess...He wouldn't be blatant with his cheating but the girls he was with were blatant as hell...I mean they would call Bianca's phone and all types of shit...Andre even had this one white girl who paid all of his bills, his rent, his car note you name it! Bianca let that shit just go on cause hey she was benefiting from the shit too...Well, clearly case in point the barber is definitely doing that with chick because she trips me out...she walks in the shop the other day with all these wall fixings and accessories and all he said was I like that but not that take the rest of that shit back to the store...and she hung up what he liked and packed the other shit up and kindly left the shop all the while he and I are laying on the couch watching a movie...

Sorry, I side barred for a moment...Andre was also dating this one chick named Tiffany...When Andre wasn't with Bianca he was with Tiffany....Bianca knew this and Tiffany and her friends didn't give a fuck...they would bump into her at parties, call her all types of name and like I said Bianca was crazy too so half the time she instigated the shit by spilling a drink on them or something...Well she came to the Mexican's house one day to pick us up at 11pm. She lied to us she told us we were going to Cold Stone Ice Creamery [my absolute fav]...we all get in the car and next thing you know we are at Andre's house.. The first thing out of my mouth was like what the fuck are we doing here...Bianca goes, well remember last week when we were in the club and Tiffany bumped into you and I pulled her ponytail and got us kicked out the club cause I was about to start a fight...I said yea...she goes, well she's here now...I'm like so what's up why are we here...Bianca said I'm going in...Before we could even talk her out of it...because mind you she was talking to the Mexican who had a 4.0 every semester and me a student on the Conduct Committee this bitch is out of the car and knocking on the fucking door...Andre opens the door this chick pushes her way in so we go in after thing you know she is up in the bedroom and guess who is undressed in the sheets...Tiffany...Bianca goes gets her underwear or something personal out of the dresser draw...I could of sworn that Tiffany was going to jump up and beat her ass cause she was so tough and damn bad anywhere else we saw...but this bitch pulled the damn covers over her head...Bianca said now what bitch...he's still my man and walked out the damn house...I was so confused...

Point of the story as I was laying in the bed with the barber the other night I heard the front door to the house open...I could of sworn it was going to be the female friend...he was knocked out but I was ready for whatever was going to go wasn't it was just his brother dropping some shit off...But how did I get in my crazy home girl's position where I'm ready to argue over a dude? I asked myself that today...I thought about Bianca and said it's not worth any fight for...but for now...I like his company

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